Spelling Bee 2017

The Monroe County Spelling Bee was held on January 19.  Peterstown Middle students are to be congratulated on their outstanding performance.

County Winners:

1st: Brycen Whitt (PMS)

2nd Keiran McClaugherty (PMS)

Alternate: Haleah Burnside (PMS)

8th Grade

1st:Emma Boggs (MVS)

2nd: Keiran McClaugherty (PMS)

3rd: Sara Ferguson (MVS)

7th Grade

1st: Karalynn Engelhart (MVS)

2nd: Dylan Brim (MVS)

3rd: Isabelle Mann (PMS)

6th Grade

1st: Brian Anderson (PMS)

2nd: Haleah Burnside (PMS)

3rd: Dylan McDade (MVS)

5th Grade

1st:Jaycee Adkins (PMS)

2nd: Brycen Whitt (PMS)

3rd: Luke Hunter (MVS)

4th Grade

1st: Gavin French (PES)

2nd: Alex Craig (PES)

3rd: Shailyn Wickline (MVS)