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Peterstown Middle School Employees
Peterstown Middle School faculty
and staff would like to welcome  - 
Kim Connell as our new 8th grade science teacher.
Denise Ward as our new art teacher.

2018 County Young Writers Winners

Grades 1-2:

1st Place: “The Princess and Her Bunny” by Olivia Lankford (2nd grade PES)

2nd Place: “Elizabeth and Lilly” by Sophie Ripley (2nd grade MVS)

3rd Place: “The Little Cookie” by Peighton Griffith (2nd grade MVS)

Honorable Mention: “My Name is Raymond” by Tripp McMillion (2nd grade PES)

Grades 3-4:

1st Place: “The Wild Stallion” by Katelin Fullen (4th grade MVS)

2nd Place: “Disney” by Aliyah Clarkson (4th grade MVS)

3rd Place: “The Wizard and the Knight and the Boy” by Zeb Hixon (3rd grade PES)

Honorable Mention: “Haunted Dream” by Sadie Mann (4th grade PES)

Grades 5-6:

1st Place: “The Best Week of My Life” by Michael Fraley (6th grade MVS)

2nd Place: “Johnny Bullseye” by Elizabeth Adkins (6th grade PMS)

3rd Place: “The Reality of Life” by Matthew Counts (6th grade PMS)

Grades 7-8:

1st Place: “The Last Chance” by Lauren Ballard (8th grade MVS)

2nd Place: “Devil on My Shoulder” by Emily Reed (7th grade PMS)

3rd Place: “The Monsters Under My Bed” by Katelyn Merson (8th grade MVS)

Grades 9-10:

1st Place: “Continuous” by Keiran McClaugherty (9th grade JMHS)

Congratulations Bryceson Whitt on winning the County Spelling Bee 2018!

5th- 1st place Alex Craig, 3rd place Elly Brooks
6th - 1st place Bryceson Whitt, 3rd place Elizabeth Adkins
7th - 1st Shyanne Lilly
8th - 3rd place Isabelle Mann


The Monroe County Spelling Bee was held on January 19, 2017.  Peterstown Middle students are to be congratulated on their outstanding performance.

County Winners: 1st: Brycen Whitt (PMS) 2nd Keiran McClaugherty (PMS) Alternate: Haleah Burnside (PMS)

8th Grade 1st:Emma Boggs (MVS) 2nd: Keiran McClaugherty (PMS) 3rd: Sara Ferguson (MVS)

7th Grade 1st: Karalynn Engelhart (MVS) 2nd: Dylan Brim (MVS) 3rd: Isabelle Mann (PMS)

6th Grade 1st: Brian Anderson (PMS) 2nd: Haleah Burnside (PMS) 3rd: Dylan McDade (MVS)

5th Grade 1st:Jaycee Adkins (PMS) 2nd: Brycen Whitt (PMS) 3rd: Luke Hunter (MVS) 4th Grade 1st: Gavin French (PES) 2nd: Alex Craig (PES) 3rd: Shailyn Wickline (MVS)


Battle of the Books 2017 Wolves of the Beyond - Lone Wolf, Lasky Everything on a Waffle, Horvath City of Ember, DuPrau A Tangle of Knots, Graff Flora & Ulysses: the Illuminated Adventures, DiCamillo