What’s New?

What's New?

Mrs. Leslie Ferguson is our new principal.  She most recently has been Coordinator of Child Nutrition/Attendance/Grants.  Prior to that, she was a special needs teacher at PMS.  Welcome Back, Mrs. Ferguson

Angie Mann, has been hired as a supervisor in the Central Office.  She will be the Director of Transportation, Safety, and Personnel.  We will miss you, Mrs. Mann!

New faculty members for 2018-19 are:

Ms. Kim Connell, teaching 8th grade science,

Ms. Denise Ward, teaching art.

New coaches:  Lee Triplett, football

New School Update as of Sept. 13, 2018

The Monroe County Board of Education has voted to close Peterstown Middle School and Peterstown Elementary School.  This is part of the process in obtaining SBA funding for a new facility, potentially in 2020.


3 hour delay schedule - With the coming winter weather, a new 3 hour delay schedule and a 2 hour delay schedule have been published. Be advised that under the 3 hour delay schedule, classes will begin at 11:30 AM with dismissal at 3:15 PM. Under the 2 hour delay schedule, classes will begin at 10:30 AM. Lunch and class schedules have been adjusted accordingly.

Employee Recognition


Peterstown Middle School service employee of the month for December is bus driver, Malvin Conner. Malvin runs the Bozoo and town routes in Peterstown. He works hard and goes out of his way to keep our students safe on the roads. Malvin is always willing to help out our students in any way that he can. We thank him for his years of service.


Craig Riffe is Peterstown Middle School’s December employee of the month. Mr. Riffe is a favorite among our fifth grade students. He is often observed implementing hands on science projects that keep the students engaged and entertained. Craig truly cares for the well-being of his students and collaborates well with the 5th grade team to ensure that our students receive the best education possible!


Peterstown Middle Employees of the Month - November

Peterstown Middle School would like to recognize and welcome Naomi Walker as service employee for the month of November. She has been an outstanding addition to our kitchen staff. She has already captured our students’ hearts with her smiling face and her caring ways. We appreciate all that she does!

Samantha Sizemore is Peterstown Middle School’s professional employee of the month.  Mrs. Sizemore collaborates well with our math teachers at every grade level to enhance student learning throughout the building.  She also tutors our students before and after school in an effort to help them get the extra help they need to succeed. She goes above and beyond to help all students. Her hard work does not go unnoticed.



Teacher of the Year 2016

Mrs. Katie Adkins, 5th grade LA teacher, has been named PMS Teacher of the Year 2016.  Congratulations, Mrs. Adkins!



WVVA Teacher of the Month

Congratulations Ashley Mann for being named WVVA Teacher of the Month for June. Thank you for all you do for Monroe County Schools!
Archery Competition
World Champion, Sydney!  Congratulations on winning the IBO Youth Traditional World Championship recently during the competition in Pennsylvania.

Coach Woodson Honored

PMS archery program founder John Woodson was honored with the first ever NASP Coach of the Year Award at the 2016 National Tournament. Thank you, Coach.  We miss you.