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Science Faculty

8th Grade - Kayla Bradley (long term substitute)

7th Grade - Ashley Williams

6th Grade - Brenda Putnam

5th Grade - Craig Riffe



2017 Spring

In recent weeks, the seventh grade science classes at PMS have been studying energy resources.  Their study has included information about the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline, which may be crossing Monroe County.  In order for students to develop their own decision-making skills, they have created questions about the pipeline, researched information both online and through media presentations, and welcomed guest speakers, both against and for the pipeline.

Students watched "Monroe Speaks", one of the series of pipeline documentaries and discussed the implications.  In late March, Nancy Bouldin, from Greenville, member of the Indian creek Watershed Association, a long-standing community association concerned about clean water and also a member of Preserve Monroe, spoke to classes about potential hazards of building a large pipeline through karst and steep terrain.  She emphasized the possible effects on underground water sources.

In mid-April, two representatives from Mountain Valley traveled to Peterstown;  Nathanial Manchin from Pittsburgh and Megan Neylon from Morgantown.  They provided a slide show to the seventh graders explaining Mountain Valley's perspective and the benefits of the project.

Students in two 7th grade classes elected debate teams whose captains drew straws to determine whether they would support or argue against the controversial construction project in a formal debate.  Classmates will provide research and support to their team and all have been taught proper protocol and debating rules.

The Pro-Pipeline team consist of Jakobey Meadows (Captain), Morgan Mills, Marisa Kelly, Grant Lively, and Jordan Feamster.  The Anti-Pipeline team members are Harleigh Morgan (Captain), Kasadee Ferguson, Shad Sauvage, Ryker Brown, and Brianna Anderson.  Pending school events, the debate will be held on Friday, April 28.



Ranger Mark Bollinger - Watershed Project

Mrs. Putnam would like to recognize Ranger Mark Bollinger for his work with 6th grade students on the New River Watershed Project.  Ranger Mark does a series of water testing with the students, testing water from New River and from Rich Creek, and then continues with a 6 week in-class program teaching the students about their watershed and how they can be responsible stewards to their environment.  He has worked continuously and tirelessly to educate the students in Monroe County for many years, and we feel very lucky to have him as a part of our curriculum.

Simple machines made by Mrs. Sams' students.