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Spelling Bee 2017

County Young Writer's Winners
The Young Writer's Contest is an opportunity for students to submit an original work in a county wide competition. Congratulations to the winners!
Grades 1-2:
1st Place: “The Princess and Her Bunny” by Olivia Lankford (2nd grade PES)
2nd Place: “Elizabeth and Lilly” by Sophie Ripley (2nd grade MVS)
3rd Place: “The Little Cookie” by Peighton Griffith (2nd grade MVS)
Honorable Mention: “My Name is Raymond” by Tripp McMillion (2nd grade PES)
Grades 3-4:
1st Place: “The Wild Stallion” by Katelin Fullen (4th grade MVS)
2nd Place: “Disney” by Aliyah Clarkson (4th grade MVS)
3rd Place: “The Wizard and the Knight and the Boy” by Zeb Hixon (3rd grade PES)
Honorable Mention: “Haunted Dream” by Sadie Mann (4th grade PES)
Grades 5-6:
1st Place: “The Best Week of My Life” by Michael Fraley (6th grade MVS)
2nd Place: “Johnny Bullseye” by Elizabeth Adkins (6th grade PMS)
3rd Place: “The Reality of Life” by Matthew Counts (6th grade PMS)
Grades 7-8:
1st Place: “The Last Chance” by Lauren Ballard (8th grade MVS)
2nd Place: “Devil on My Shoulder” by Emily Reed (7th grade PMS)
3rd Place: “The Monsters Under My Bed” by Katelyn Merson (8th grade MVS)
Grades 9-10:
1st Place: “Continuous” by Keiran McClaugherty (9th grade JMHS)

Congratulations Bryceson Whitt on winning the County Spelling Bee!

5th- 1st place Alex Craig, 3rd place Elly Brooks
6th - 1st place Bryceson Whitt, 3rd place Elizabeth Adkins
7th - 1st Shyanne Lilly
8th - 3rd place Isabelle Mann

Monroe County Spelling Bee participants from PMS.

The Monroe County Spelling Bee was held on January 19.  Peterstown Middle students are to be congratulated on their outstanding performance.

County Winners:

1st: Brycen Whitt (PMS)

2nd Keiran McClaugherty (PMS)

Alternate: Haleah Burnside (PMS)

8th Grade

1st:Emma Boggs (MVS)

2nd: Keiran McClaugherty (PMS)

3rd: Sara Ferguson (MVS)

7th Grade

1st: Karalynn Engelhart (MVS)

2nd: Dylan Brim (MVS)

3rd: Isabelle Mann (PMS)

6th Grade

1st: Brian Anderson (PMS)

2nd: Haleah Burnside (PMS)

3rd: Dylan McDade (MVS)

5th Grade

1st:Jaycee Adkins (PMS)

2nd: Brycen Whitt (PMS)

3rd: Luke Hunter (MVS)

4th Grade

1st: Gavin French (PES)

2nd: Alex Craig (PES)

3rd: Shailyn Wickline (MVS)